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What are dating sites free online chat? For this question, I think you open the application on your phone and you’ll get the answer you want. Or you go online and search and all kinds of recommendations will appear.

So I want to share with you today some of the things you need to know before you open a dating app.

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There are more people using dating apps than you think
Online free dating chat

Free chat sites for singles: A new survey data shows that the top 3 dating apps in China (MoMo, Tan Tan, Soul) have more than 140 million monthly users combined, considering that a large number of users are using them together, and a large number of users play some niche and cold dating apps and platforms, rounding down the number can be very huge, meaning that at least 1 out of every 10 people surfing the Internet often open dating Software left slide right slide.


Gender imbalance on dating apps
Dating sites free online chat

If you’re a male, don’t be confused by the “glamorous” phenomenon on dating platforms, there are undoubtedly more male users on dating apps than female users.

Free chat sites for singles: Take Tinder for example, male users account for almost 90%, and the domestic Stranger claims a 2:1 ratio of men to women, which is also mixed with a lot of water. As for those who claim that the ratio of men to women is one to one or even more men than women, this may be lying to you.


The epidemic makes more people want to date
Dating sites free online chat

Usually we think that the epidemic has affected dating, after all, everywhere is quarantined, and those who are not quarantined still have to maintain social distance, and meet a stranger even more cautiously. But in fact, in the year of the epidemic, dating software and dating platforms have not only not been affected …… usage rate but also increased.

Free chat sites for singles: Bumble, for example, has more than 40 million monthly active users in the third quarter of 2020, and revenue has exceeded the same level in 2019.

The epidemic has really changed people’s behavior, including that of dating.

The dating app Match conducts an annual survey of singles, and the 2020 results show that more than 60% of users spend more time getting to know their potential partners during the epidemic, value each meeting more, and are willing to accelerate their progress to get to know them better.

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Female users don’t feel they can find a long-term partner on dating platforms
Dating sites free online chat

Most female dating app users in China are wary of dating apps, and a survey by Chinese media showed that 60.9% of female respondents equated “playing with dating apps” with “being irresponsible” and believed they It is difficult to establish a long-term stable relationship with people who love to play social software. Of course, this doesn’t stop them from continuing to use dating platforms.

Dating sites free online chat: Another survey by the University of Zurich shows that while people are wary of online dating, it’s not easier to build long-term relationships offline, especially with the traditional “blind date” model, which has an overall success rate of only about 18 percent. And the success rate of those built through dating software or dating platforms …… guess how many? More than 20%.

Free chat sites for singles: Blindlee’s latest survey results show that about 22% of people say they use dating apps to seek moral support during “social isolation” and to find someone to talk to about their loneliness. Another 17 percent said they were just “bored”. Another 58% said they were bored and wanted to meet someone online as soon as the epidemic subsided.


There are bad, bad people on dating platforms
Dating sites free online chat

There are all kinds of people on dating platforms, and when you go to make friends with a sincere heart, the opposite side may treat you like a monkey.

India’s “Business Insider” in 2020 released a report that: in the past a long time, the Indian army has been trapped in the enemy intelligence department “beauty scheme”, Indian soldiers because of the “beauty scheme” to leak intelligence secrets more and more cases.

Free chat sites for singles: This has aroused the strong concern of the Indian military, in order to prevent information leakage, the Indian army issued a deadly order, directly prohibit soldiers to use smart phones on the 15 dating app. and forced all soldiers to complete uninstallation by July 15, otherwise military justice.


The Indian military said that at first there will be “beautiful young women” on social media to like the soldier’s post, the two sides talk after the “beautiful women” will express admiration, ask the soldier to shoot weapons and equipment, and then deep is the two sides directly through the text message communication, and then the soldier will willingly. The soldiers would then willingly give up all the defense secrets they knew.

Free chat sites for singles: It wasn’t until they were arrested that the soldiers realized the seriousness of the situation. Even better, a woman who claimed to be an Army captain managed to seduce at least 50 Indian soldiers.


Fake picture
Dating sites free online chat

Everyone wants to show a better version of themselves, and there’s no denying that, but there’s a limit to everything.

Dating sites free online chat: An anonymous survey on the dating platform “Meet Offline” showed that more than 51 percent of users said they used fake photos to “make themselves look more attractive,” and more than 62 percent of women said they were skilled at using photo retouching software.

Dating sites free online chat: Of all the people who met offline, more than 80% of users thought that the person they met didn’t look as good as in the photo, 57% felt they had simply been cheated, and even more annoyingly, 72% thought the person they met definitely weighed much more than they looked in the photo.

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