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What are some free online dating games? You can get the answer to this question through the app market on your phone. Today I want to share something practical with you about this issue.

With the prevalence and popularity of games, it is no longer uncommon for men and women to end up together because of games, and many games even have a “marriage” system, which greatly satisfies the social needs of young people today.

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Why is it that a game alone can pursue a girl who may not even cross paths in reality?


What is the magic of the game?

Dating games for girls: Real life is really tiring, not everyone has a rich life, most people are diligently working.

Some people say: the network is like a mirror, you see yourself through the screen is the most real.

In reality, we are coy and afraid to deal with bad relationships, while in the game we dare to love and hate, not afraid of the world I am the boss.

The game is like being in another world, an unrestrained virtual world.

So in this environment produced by the intercourse, more touching the soul.

Free online dating games: Reality is cruel, and the game world is often beautiful, with the game of the opposite sex partners to get along, more like two people on a date, there is interaction, communication, more in reality can not experience the “comradeship” friendship.

In reality, we may have some defects in appearance or other aspects, but in the game we are perfect, which also promotes confidence in the relationship between men and women.



What behavior will make you close in the game

1. Establishing a sense of connection

Free online dating games: What is a sense of connection? Simply put, a sense of connection is a “psychological implication” that makes her inadvertently put you first.

For example, when a girl is playing a game and there is no one to play with, the first thing she will think of is to call you over, not someone else.

So you have to give her a good “impression” in this regard, so that she will consider you in the first “impression”.

Because you play the game more powerful, with you in her very at ease; or because with you to play the game is very comfortable and chatty, do not have to worry about their own bad play by people dislike.

Free online dating games: You don’t need a lot, but you always have to have a point so that she can unconsciously can put you on the first choice of strengths, this is the conditions needed to establish a sense of connection.


2. Do not be stingy with your praise

Free online dating games: During the game, even if you play poorly, there are more or less one or two “highlight moments”.

And when the girl played their own “highlight moment”, we can seize this opportunity to praise her well, but remember to be attentive.

Dating games for girls: No one will hate sincere compliments, girls are particularly sensitive to this aspect.

Free online dating games: And you praise at the right time, the girl with you in the game experience will enhance a lot, happy she will naturally feel comfortable playing with you, very sense of accomplishment.


Dating games for girls: You put yourself in her shoes and think about it, if you have played a wave of bright operation, is waiting with great anticipation to be praised across the screen, but the other party is not feeling this small fragment, still playing their own game, which will only make the girl disappointed and rusty to you.

So, when playing games with girls, you must not be stingy with the praise and praise of girls.

To find your true love in the game, it is not difficult to say that it is easy to say that it is not easy.

Dating games for girls: Many boys in the game did not make friends of the opposite sex, most of the reasons are not active themselves.

The girl will not be like the film and television drama for no reason, do not want to rely on the illusory “fate”, the only thing you can change is yourself.

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Is it true that men and women play games together to create feelings?

Free online dating games: From a scientific point of view, proximity is one of the factors of interpersonal attraction, and two people who have the same things in common are more likely to develop a liking for each other.

Frequent interactions make people look for things in common with each other, feel each other’s fondness, and mix themselves with their perceptions as a group.


From a man’s point of view.

Free online dating games: When girls and guys play games, they can stimulate the protective nature of the guys, and over time this kind of protectiveness gradually transforms into a feeling of affection for the object they are protecting.

However, if the girls and boys playing competitive games, has been in a losing battle, that the original boy’s protective desire will be worn down a little bit, and the desire to win will prevail, in the game will also become more and more irritable, and therefore ignore the feelings of girls.


From the girls’ point of view.

Free online dating games: Love to play the game of girls, in fact, the desire to win will be stronger than the boys, if and girls play the game together with the boys, men can not lead the girls to win the game, so the girls for the boys’ sense of expectation and reliance on the degree is worn out little by little.

But if the boy can always take the girl to victory, and show the side of the protection of the girl, guide the girl, day by day love for the girl, is entirely possible. After all, long-term dependence, and the boy’s gentle offensive, the girl will be moved, will fall is also normal.

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