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Good online dating questions: Through chatting, two people constantly exchange information, deepen the degree of understanding between the two sides, more and more understanding of each other, and then you can determine whether the other party is a channel with their own that person, in the choice of whether to develop further.

So, I don’t need to stress the importance of chatting.

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The most important thing is to know how to chat in order to better show yourself and understand each other, so that the two people become more and more intimate?

1. What exactly should I talk about?

Good conversation starter for online dating: A lot of people don’t know how to find a topic to talk about, they feel that every day is very dull and there is nothing interesting to say, or they don’t know if the topic they are talking about will offend each other at this stage. Now for these two points, to talk to you.

First of all chatting is not for you a go to show, make each other feel that your life is exciting, you are very cow, and then like you.


Good online dating questions: We will meet different people every day, experience different things, can be from the leadership around colleagues ah, meet strangers, three meals a day, these are in fact the material to chat.

But chatting is sometimes divided into stages of time.

Good online dating questions: For example: you just met someone you came up to talk to people with color words, you may be pulled black to delete or be others say you have a sick bar.

But if the ambiguous period to speak some small paragraph, but will be hot that each other’s heartbeat accelerated, so that the two feelings quietly warmed up. So the time stage is very important to grasp.

When two people just met, the main purpose is to understand each other through information exchange. That in this period, the choice of topics need to choose some universal stronger, such as the weather, environment, home, school.


Good online dating questions: For example, the weather, the environment, home, school, professional, travel, food, pets, music, movies, a series and so on can talk.

Especially girls talk about some general interest in horoscopes, tests, gossip news. Don’t have to talk too deep, just need to find each other some points of interest, the main thing is to let two people familiar with it.

Through these, let in the chat more in-depth at the same time, deepen the relationship between the two people. Good online dating questions: In the later stages of the relationship between the two people are more intimate, you can find some more unique, there are some private topics can talk about, to add some ambiguous components to each other, in look at the time to upgrade the relationship.

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2. To understand the topic of the girl

Good conversation starter for online dating: What is the topic of understanding girls? This you have to first figure out, although the way to ask girls questions can get the answers you want in the shortest possible time, but constantly ask girls questions, this situation is generally pulled by the girl, so understand the girl topic is also the need for method, you can not just ask and ignore the girl’s feelings, in the eyes of girls, less familiar with people will maintain a certain level of defensiveness, and you want to both in and girls The girl’s defensiveness is more important if you don’t want her to chat, you should first tell the girl about yourself, and then ask questions, so they will be more receptive, such as: I am XX people, and you?


3. How to raise questions?

The above probably said a chat can talk about what topics, do not come up is to investigate the account, the interview site feeling.

Good online dating questions: The first thing you need to do is to ask “Where did you go to school?” “Where do you want to travel?” “What type of pets do you like?” Don’t ask too many questions, try to ask things related to life, and mention some easy questions. Ask easy questions.

Good conversation starter for online dating: Let’s say you want to know if the other party likes pets, then you can say, just saw a fat animal downstairs, so cute.

This time the girl will certainly give you the answer is what animal, then you can learn through this thing she likes what animal, and then the topic can start.

There is also a technique to see things from her circle of friends that you can remember.


Good online dating questions: For example, she is recently losing weight, you can give her straight to say: why do you want to lose weight, you are fat I also like you. (Of course, the premise is that you and she know a period of time, or just know a short time to say a little blunt not very good).

The information you get from each other’s dynamics, and then targeted questions, will make each other feel that you are very attentive, but also very surprised.


4. Chat atmosphere is very important

Good online dating questions: In fact, the chat atmosphere has a very important point, is the creation of the chat atmosphere. Chatting should be a little easier and not obviously aggressive.

For example, you can find two rebuttals to anything someone says, and you will still feel that you are right.

We should understand why we prefer to chat with friends rather than colleagues, leaders? Because you talk with friends the whole person is relaxed, do not have to think too much, but and colleagues. Leaders will unconsciously have some tension and vigilance.

Good online dating questions: And the opposite sex chat is also a reason, as long as we pay attention to a little bit when chatting, the atmosphere a little bit more relaxed, just as you talk to your own friends.

Sincerely show yourself, from time to time tell a joke, occasionally self-deprecating, occasionally tease each other, will make each other can not help but like and you chat feeling.

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