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Sls Online Dating: More and more dating apps can be used to meet different friends of the opposite sex by locating them.

Today we share with you some of the things that are happening with dating apps for young people in China.

Dating apps are probably not new to the younger generation. All you need to do is fill out a basic introduction, upload a photo, and match strangers by swiping left (i.e. reject) and right (i.e. like) to establish a connection.

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Sls Online Dating: More and more single women are using dating apps to seek social or intimate relationships, but it’s not all that simple. For example, due to the low barrier to entry, there are problems with inaccurate information and dating safety; and with photos dominating much of the interface, “face” has become the first criterion for choosing friends online, and women are still not free from the shackles of the “male gaze”.

Sls Online Dating: We talked to two female friends who have used dating apps. We have talked to two women who have used dating apps and found that they have both used them to enhance their relationships or self-awareness. Here is what they said about themselves.

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After refusing to go on a blind date
I started using dating apps


Sls Online Dating: I used dating apps for a number of reasons. After graduating, I didn’t want to accept the blind dates arranged by my family, which weren’t my standards, and on a few occasions I would get into conflicts with my parents. But as a nerdy girl who has never been in a relationship, I still yearn for intimacy.

I have been working in a foreign company, many colleagues around me will use dating software, there are people in the above to find a husband, in their recommendation, I downloaded the dating software. In the beginning, I wrote random profiles and didn’t want to match with people, purely onlookers. The second half of last year, I experienced a job change to a new company, the original lukewarm state was broken. The appreciation from my leaders made me feel that I was actually a good person and that I could personally experience other more relationships.


Sls Online Dating: At the end of last year, I took the initiative to ask a guy I met on a dating app to meet me. I suggested the bookstore, dinner, and movie, because I felt that it might be more comfortable to take charge of the pace myself. We chatted about our daily work, the impact of movies on our respective lives, and also the various features of dating software, but did not mention our respective emotional experiences, the other party’s emotional intelligence is relatively high, we maintain a sense of proportion.


Sls Online Dating: After that meeting, we still maintain daily contact, I look forward to continuing to meet, but feel that they have taken the initiative, it is necessary to change the other side to show. There is definitely a lot of angst, but these emotions can be digested with friends or parents, and colleagues have told me not to expect too much from the first five people I meet on dating apps.

Sls Online Dating: One day after returning from overtime, I opened my phone and found that the guy I met last time had a girlfriend. When I saw this friend circle, I was quite stimulated, but on second thought, it was only natural.

I had a plan at the beginning of 2021 to meet more people of the opposite sex, even if they were just friends. I told myself not to expect anything, but to stay enthusiastic.



Strangers crying in front of me
I feel the same way


Sls Online Dating: Four years ago, I went to a new city to study, the course I studied was different from what I thought, and I was not close to my classmates, so I was lonely at that time. Later, I planned to study abroad, and that’s when I started using dating apps, and I met an academic guy who I could talk to about common topics of study. We met at a bar near the school, and from each other, I was able to get a lot of specific advice about my life at the time, but wasn’t interested in learning more.

Sls Online Dating: At that time, it was also difficult for me to trust people and I was always hesitant to meet offline. Dating apps always give you a sense of contradiction. When you use them in your free time, you feel that there are endless people to talk to, but once your enthusiasm is over, you uninstall them, and when you are bored, you re-install them.



Sls Online Dating: At the end of 19, I went to Northern Europe for an exchange, and with the purpose of meeting more people, I used the dating app again. I found that probably because I grew up in a more protected environment, Scandinavians handle relationships more simply and without any twists and turns. Plus, my fellow exchange students encouraged me to be brave and find a relatively safe public space to meet and open up my circle, so I went for it.

Sls Online Dating: I certainly agree with the fact that dating apps “role-play”, but how can we not all play a role in our lives? It is because of the existence of this platform that I can see a lot of contrasts. I once met a guy who was very enthusiastic about chatting online, but when it came time to meet, the other person became very shy, but I could find that he valued that meeting. He was wearing a light blue shirt that day because I had written in my introduction that I liked people who wore light colored T-shirts.


Sls Online Dating: During my time in Scandinavia, I met people who were very gentlemanly, we went to art museums together, talked about our favorite paintings, and met people who were serious about learning how to make dumplings and understanding China. The “trust and doubt” I had at the beginning did not continue to bother me, because it was better to admit the bad reality and the incurable loneliness first, and then to build various social relationships.

Sls Online Dating: Perhaps because of this mourning mentality, I have more empathy for people with gloomy or vulnerable attributes. I remember a guy I dated before who got drunk in the middle of the night and bought vegetable rolls at a convenience store, but because he was so drunk, he couldn’t open them, so he cried and said to me, “I want to eat so badly, how come this is so hard to open?”


Sls Online Dating: There are many reasons for emotional breakdowns, in his case, it was the thought of breaking up with his ex-girlfriend. How good the process of building a relationship with someone is, and how sad the process of fading away little by little. I can well understand this emotion, most relationships will also be the end of this. But then, he sobered up and said he didn’t remember anything.


Sls Online Dating: I used to write in my dating app’s self-introduction that I didn’t necessarily want to find anything through this platform or build a stable relationship, but if I was fortunate enough to meet people who had an expression and understanding of life, a moment of empathy would be enough.


Perhaps you have the same mentality, whatever, I hope you will meet someone who makes you happy.

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