Ex Started Talking To Me Again Then Stopped

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Ex started talking to me again then stopped and why? This may happen because your ex just sees you as a friend, or your ex finds after talking to you that you are the same as before and nothing has changed and they don’t want to continue communicating with you. Another scenario is that they have found someone they like.

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If you want to reconnect with each other but do not know how to chat, afraid to say a word wrong with each other completely disconnected, so today we will talk about how to chat with each other after disconnection.


1. Guide each other to chat

Ex started talking to me again then stopped: There are some girls who like boys will constantly talk about themselves, hoping to show to the boys is the sunny and confident side.

It’s been a long time since I contacted my predecessor, and I’ve bought a lot of cosmetics, new clothes, and things that don’t interest me at all.

The other side out of a gentlemanly manner, but also very polite to listen, they feel and this man together really easy, feel two people have endless conversation.

The best way to chat is to ask a question.


Ex started talking to me again then stopped: The best way to start a conversation is to ask questions, for example, do you have animals? A guy who likes animals will definitely talk about his pets incessantly.

Did you have a good relationship with your teacher in the past? This allows the boy to talk endlessly about his student life and his childhood.

Ex started talking to me again then stopped: The other side finished and then evaluated, expressing concern for each other, so that the other side feel that the content of your chat is able to converge, the other side chatting happy you also understand each other better, two birds with one stone.


2. Chat content to be positive

Ex started talking to me again then stopped: In the recovery, do not put yourself in the position of the victim to blame the other side, confide in each other how much they want each other in the past few days of disconnection, and why the other side ignore you.

You think the other side will be softened by doing this? In fact, not, the other party will break up with you, certainly not only the other person’s fault.

Ex started talking to me again then stopped: He must be wavering during the breakup, already hesitating to contact you, the reason why he will contact you is because he still wants to give you a chance.


Think you can change, but your complaints will make the other party feel that you are still the same, disappointed in you again and completely dead.

So you must be positive when chatting, good emotions are contagious, you chat with each other with positive emotions, the other party will feel that you have become better after the breakup.

Ex started talking to me again then stopped: The other party will become curious and reflect on whether they think too much and what they did wrong.

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3. Do not expose too strong purpose

Ex started talking to me again then stopped: Never in the reconnection phase, the chat into a tool for recovery, such as the former plus back to you, ask you what, you say you still can not forget each other, the other party only want to be friends with you words will be you scared away.

The more you explain, the stronger the purpose.

Ex started talking to me again then stopped: When you first start chatting, don’t take too long, don’t run out of things to say, even if the reply is a little slower, so that the other party will not want to pull you back again.


Ex started talking to me again then stopped: The second thing is not to chat with each other with a low profile, confident people have charm, do not look at each other high and do not look at each other low.

Don’t over-interpret each other’s meanings, communicate in the usual tone of voice, just talk about family matters, don’t talk about feelings.

The reunion does not mean that you have compounded, it is just an opportunity for you to compound, so do not accuse each other as lovers.

Ex started talking to me again then stopped: The beginning of a relationship may be an instant hormonal explosion, or a tender look. When love first starts, it is always very good.


But there is always a deadline for the good things, when the gentle turn of the eye became indifferent, your eyes no longer have to meet, so no longer crossed.

Ex started talking to me again then stopped: After the breakup there is a chance to restore the truth that many people understand, but why I tried, but the other side is not the slightest touch. The more you do, the easier it is for you to bring up attention? Definitely not.


4. Stop the meaningless entanglement

Ex started talking to me again then stopped: When the moment of breakup, your relationship has been temporarily terminated, at this time you are two separate individuals. Since we said let go, then stop pestering, give each other a period of time to calm down, do not bother.

The pointless pestering after the breakup not only can not bring any good feeling to each other, but will anger each other and bring trouble to each other. If you show a very spontaneous leave, the other party out of curiosity, but can not catch your true psychology.

Ex started talking to me again then stopped: Reflect on whether it is because of some of their wrongdoing led to your departure, will cherish you more. Want to entangle when it is better to dash to let go, this reverse way of dealing with better results.

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