Narcissist Ignoring Me After Break Up

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Narcissist ignoring me after break up, is it normal? In Greek mythology, there was a god named “Narcissus”, who was a particularly beautiful boy. But his end was not beautiful: he could not see any of the goddesses, but fell in love with his own reflection in the river, so he spent his days at the river, and eventually died of physical and mental emaciation.

So his name was given the meaning of “narcissism”. Later, “narcissism” was attributed to psychologists as a personality trait.

It seems that we all have a few of these “narcissists” around us, feeling that they are the best in the world. If something goes wrong, the Ta’s will never make a mistake, it’s someone else’s fault.

If you fall in love with a narcissistic personality, you will be in endless pain.

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What is Narcissistic Personality Disorder

Narcissist ignoring me after break up, There is no denying that everyone has a tendency to be narcissistic and cannot avoid it because we inherently need a certain amount of self-protective function to ensure that our own spirit is strong and not struck from the outside. However, when narcissism manifests itself in extreme situations, such as being highly focused on oneself, having little empathy for others, etc., this is called “narcissistic personality disorder”.

For people with narcissistic personality traits, their external image and face are of utmost importance. People who deal with narcissists often have the experience that whenever there is a disagreement or verbal argument, the narcissist will make a series of distortions in order to save his or her own face.


Narcissist ignoring me after break up, Usually these people are: extremely obsessed with themselves, think they are unique, unabashedly expecting lasting attention and praise from others; think they are superhumanly capable and talented; Narcissist ignoring me after break up, usually emotionally indifferent, do not care about the people and things around them; in interpersonal relationships are profit-oriented, love to go to extremes, but also lack of enthusiasm for other than their own time.


Common expressions such as:

1) an exaggerated sense of self-importance;

2) Indulging in fantasies of unlimited success, power, glory, beauty or ideal love;

3) The belief that one is “special” and unique and can only be known or worked with by other special or high-status people (or institutions);

4) A sense of honor, i.e., an unreasonable expectation of special favored treatment or automatic compliance with his expectations;

5) Exploitative (taking advantage) in interpersonal relationships, i.e., taking advantage of others in order to achieve one’s own goals

6) Lack of empathy and unwillingness to put oneself in the shoes of others to understand or identify with their feelings and needs;

7) Tend to be jealous of others, or think that others are jealous of themselves;

8) Displaying proud, arrogant behavior or attitude.


Narcissist ignoring me after break up, The classical psychoanalytic theory of narcissistic personality disorder explains it as follows: the patient is unable to bet his or her instinctive psychological power on an external object, and the power is retained internally, forming narcissism, which can be found in the source of the patient’s early experiences.

The patient has experienced interpersonal trauma in early life, such as prolonged separation from parents, parental discord, or parents who were too rough or too coddling, etc. Narcissist ignoring me after break up, Having some of these experiences makes the patient feel safe and deserving to love himself or herself.

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Is there any help for narcissistic personality disorder?

Freud believed that narcissistic personality disorder could not be treated, and for the next 50 years, almost all therapists were helpless.

It was not until 1970 that Kohut introduced autopsychology.

The founder of autopsychology-Kohut-emphasized three categories of human developmental needs.

Narcissist ignoring me after break up, Mirroring needs related to building and maintaining self-confidence

Idealization needs related to experiencing a sense of security, certainty, and comfort

Contractual/alternate self experience needs related to experiencing a sense of similarity and closeness in a human partner.


The Self is the center of the positive and dynamic nature of personality, a deep psychological concept and at the center of experience/experience, Narcissist ignoring me after break up, the recipient of various influences, the space that gathers the special core of ambitions, ideals, talents and skills of each person, the whole that initiates and sustains the self-encouraging, self-directing, self-sustaining function, the whole that provides the core values of personality and gives life to the person sense of meaning (Wolf).



Inability to build intimate relationships

They do not handle small family relationships well and are unable to establish intimate relationships with almost anyone, even within the extended family.

Narcissist ignoring me after break up, Needless to say, intimacy is vital for everyone, and the lack of it does not mean that relationships are partly missing, but that you may be very unhealthy psychologically.

Narcissism is a trait that many of us have, but narcissistic personality is a personality disorder. We should not confuse these two concepts, so how can we distinguish between them?

Psychologically speaking, only a professional psychological measurement can tell if you suffer from narcissistic personality disorder.

Narcissist ignoring me after break up, But let’s simplify a bit. Since we know that narcissistic personality has these characteristics, we only need to observe whether we have interpersonal dysfunction due to narcissism or are in high anxiety due to lack of praise from others, so we should be able to make a more reasonable judgment.

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