3 Reasons Your Ex Boyfriend Won t Talk You

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Breaking up is not a small blow to any of us. Different from some other failure experiences, the frustration of breaking up is that we still can’t control the degree of our feelings after giving our true feelings. What are the reasons your ex boyfriend won t talk you?

After breaking up, in fact, most couples are willing to chat with their ex. Although the purpose may be different, as long as the chat window is still there, there will be unlimited hope in the future.

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The worst situation is that the other party has deleted all your contact information, and you can’t contact him any more. The most common is to delete chat software.

I believe that when you fell in love before, you must say nothing. I wish the other party would return your news every moment. Then why didn’t he want to talk to you again after breaking up? Here are something about reasons your ex boyfriend won t talk you which can save your relationship.

3 reasons your ex boyfriend won t talk you

1. Reasons your ex boyfriend won t talk you: he didn’t know how the two would get along in the future

Don’t be sentimental for a long time, this word is really the most appropriate to explain this reason. You must have this kind of feeling. In those years, you had a good relationship with your friends in high school. Your roommates in college were just like your relatives. However, after graduation, your feelings soon faded.

There is a saying that friends are limited, I think lovers are the same, less contact with each other, no intersection, the relationship between the two will become increasingly weak, and eventually become strangers.

Because in the ex’s mind, you used to be his girlfriend, he must feel that it is not appropriate to interact with you now, and emotionally, it is difficult to get along with you as before.

2. Reasons your ex boyfriend won t talk you: he wants to stimulate you in this way

In fact, this is very easy to understand. In other words, the farther you are pushed, the more you want to be pulled back?

In some partners with high emotional needs, it is easier for us to see this situation. They stimulate you by deleting you or ignoring you, so that you can get back together with them. If you can get back to him soon after breaking up and communicate with him in time, most boys won’t use this kind of operation. After all, it’s still very risky to delete you or ignore you directly.

What are the reasons your ex boyfriend won t talk you? If it’s a fake break-up, this behavior is likely to evolve into a real break-up, which is of course what boys don’t want to see. If you don’t respond to your ex, he will feel that you don’t pay enough attention to him and that you have ignored him. Therefore, such a means is a way to burn the boat. He may be angry at the beginning, when the negative emotions backlog to the peak, one do not do two endlessly, directly put a big move to stimulate you.

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3. Reasons your ex boyfriend won t talk you: he didn’t want to leave himself a little behind

This kind of situation is very rare. It’s a bit of consciousness of death and posterity. But in emotion, I think it’s no different from suicide attack.

As for the reasons your ex boyfriend won t talk you, there are such a group of people, after breaking up, immediately enter the extreme “withdrawal state”, the specific embodiment is to delete all your means of communication, or even change your mobile phone number.

I’ve seen some more extreme cases. Some men don’t hesitate to change their original jobs. All they do is not let you find him. They have achieved the goal of ending your relationship completely.

When we talk about the reasons your ex boyfriend won t talk you, you should know this kind of situation often occurs in people who have a clear love hate relationship. Maybe because of this failed love, they are extremely disappointed in you and even love, and have no courage to love. It’s better to make a clean break and restart their respective new lives than to have a lot of troubles and broken ties. But such a situation also needs to be treated in two.

After breaking up, many men are not willing to continue to chat with you. Although they have various problems in love, if you want to save them, you must first find problems in yourself.

When we can realize our own problems, in fact, what we need to do next is to make some changes in ourselves. We attract him through our own value. Although there was some unhappiness between you before, we always have to turn to the next page and a new chapter will open.

In our life, we may meet a lot of people who can love each other, but you can really love and pay, maybe only this one. Time is long, but love is fleeting. I hope you can close your story with him in your old age.

The above are the reasons your ex boyfriend won t talk you. Emotional things are never one or two sentences can be said clearly. If you want someone to listen to your story, try to find your own soul mate in Latemeet . Here you can make more friends, relieve the depression in your heart, and add a little color to your life.

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