Words To Describe Yourself Sexually

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Words to describe yourself sexually, what’s your words? Is your sex life normal? Are you still satisfied with your sex life?

A normal sex life includes: normal frequency of sex, normal ejaculatory function, and normal erectile function.

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How often is the best time to have sex?

Words to describe yourself sexually: Generally speaking, the normal frequency of sex is recommended to be 2~3 times/week and 6~8 times/month. This is because fertilization usually occurs within 24 hours of egg discharge, while the sperm’s ability to fertilize in the woman’s body remains for about 2 days. If this frequency can be maintained, the tadpole is less likely to miss a date with the egg!

Words to describe yourself sexually: If the frequency of sex is too low, it is easy to miss the woman’s ovulation; in addition, abstinence for too long can lead to a decrease in sperm vitality or too many dead sperm, resulting in infertility.

However, if the frequency of sex is too high, it will lead to a decrease in sperm concentration and the chance of conception will also decrease.



What factors affect sex life?

1. Erectile function

Words to describe yourself sexually: Erectile dysfunction is classified as organic (caused by disease), psychological (psycho-psychological factors) and mixed (both).

Men with this confusion can be treated in several ways: psychological guidance, medication, physical therapy (such as vacuum negative pressure), cavernous drug injection therapy, surgery, etc.

Assisted reproductive technology for men with erectile dysfunction who also have fertility requirements.

normal or mildly abnormal semen, artificial insemination can be done

moderate to severe abnormalities, in vitro fertilization can be done

Words to describe yourself sexually: In some patients with psychological erectile dysfunction, it is possible that erectile function will return to normal after childbirth.

2. Ejaculatory function

Words to describe yourself sexually: Commonly premature ejaculation (ejaculation in seconds before entering the vagina), non-ejaculation and retrograde ejaculation can all affect fertility. The solutions are ejaculatory dysfunction treatment and assisted reproductive technology.

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For men, if they want to have a more harmonious sex life with their wives, then they need to do a good job of flirting before sex, because good flirting can make their wives better enter into the state of sex, so they can produce more love juice.

Words to describe yourself sexually: The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who are not able to get the best out of your own home. The actual fact is that you can find out more about the sensitive points on the woman’s body, so that you can better stimulate the woman, so that you can make your wife more comfortable during sex.


Words to describe yourself sexually: When it comes to sex, men must not always keep the same frequency of movement, because this is easy to trigger women to appear burned out. The men need to adjust their exercise frequency and strength according to the real time physical and emotional response of the women. In addition, during this period, men also need to caress and kiss the sensitive parts of the woman, so as to better avoid the phenomenon of women’s inattention.

Words to describe yourself sexually: Many men think they ejaculate on the end, in fact, their understanding is extremely wrong, because there are many men at the end of sex will go to clean up the wife’s private parts, and will embrace the wife for a while, and such actions are relatively easy to win the wife’s good feelings, and the wife in the next sex, will also be better with the husband.


Your sex life, why is not harmonious?

1. Fast sex

Words to describe yourself sexually: Fast sex is not enough foreplay at all, it will make women too late to mobilize emotions to cause pain. Not only do not get the pleasure of sex, and even lead to damage to the lower body, over time will make one side of the sexual apathy, if the couple is not interested, you can try to sleep separately for a while, after all, a small goodbye is better than a new marriage.

2. Secondary sex life

Words to describe yourself sexually: Never through the number of sex to measure the strength of sexual ability, there is a part of the male in order to be able to show their ideas will second attack sex, which will make the body in a state of hyperactivity, will cause erectile dysfunction. Words to describe yourself sexually: For men who always have sex for the second time in a row, experiencing about a month will make the physical quality decline, and even impotence as well as premature ejaculation will occur.

3. Sex without measures

Words to describe yourself sexually: The lack of safety measures during sex can make people scared. Although enjoy the momentary passion, but will bring afterwards the trouble. No matter what kind of way couples choose to have sex, they must know whether the other party has diseases of the organs or sexually transmitted diseases, etc. Try to bring condoms during sex, which can improve the rate of contraception.

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