5 Tips: How To Ask For A Second Date By Text

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How to ask for a second date by text? After learning how to choose the right place for a date, how to prepare the right clothes, what to pay attention to when dating and how to dominate the conversation during the date, we need to learn how to invite the next meeting while the iron is hot.

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Many guys would like to set up a second meeting with a girl after the first date, but they are afraid that they don’t know how to propose an invitation instead of making the other party feel abrupt.

In fact, in order to break the girl’s guard, not only let the other party gladly accept your invitation, but also do not let the other party feel very sudden or very urgent, just need to learn these chatting skills will be enough:


1. Find common topics

How to ask for second date text? As the name implies, looking for a common topic is to find things that interest both people.

The first thing you need to do is to find a common topic.

a. Looking for common topics can make two people can produce a sense of mutual attraction because of common interests, which will give you a favorable pavement for your invitation to action.

b. Looking for common topics, that is, looking for a reasonable “excuse” to ask each other out.


How to ask for a second date by text? If you want to ask her to come out and watch a movie together next time, you can intentionally bring up movie-related topics, for example, both people like Marvel, talk to the atmosphere is warm when you can logically ask her to watch a movie together next time.

And so on, if you want to ask her to come out together next time outdoor activities, you can intentionally mention that you like sports and travel; if you want to ask her to sit in a cafe next time, you can mention that you like small animals, such as cats, so you can ask her to go to the cat cafe, most girls will have no resistance.


How to ask for second date text? Of course, the use of this “hobby invitation method” should pay attention to the natural and gradual, little by little to the girl’s interest to cause, do not reveal your purpose at the beginning, which may cause the girl’s wariness.

How to ask for second date text? If you find that the girl does not like the “topic” you throw out, do not be discouraged, there are other ways to make the girl loose mouth.

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2. Vague invitations

How to ask for a second date by text? If you find yourself throwing out topics that girls are not very interested in and do not want to talk about in depth, and therefore can not propose an invitation, then you can use the “vague invitation” technique.

What is a vague invitation?

It is to set a verbal invitation with each other without a date, and not sure if it will come true in the future.

How to ask for a second date by text? This invitation may not seem to have any real meaning, but it can help you to complete a formal invitation.


How to ask for a second date by text?

First of all, you can test the girl’s attitude towards you.

If she even a verbal invitation will not necessarily be achieved are rejecting you, it means that in the heart of the girl your relationship is not close enough, you know you need to work on the closeness again.


The second is that girls are more likely to let go when it is clear that the invitation will not necessarily be honored.

How to ask for a second date by text? The girl will be embarrassed to refuse a verbal agreement that is not necessarily fulfilled, while the chatting atmosphere is active you put forward a vague invitation.


The third is to become the reason you formally propose an invitation.

How to ask for a second date by text? Although the girl did not meet directly after the first time and you set the next date, but through the follow-up communication and understanding, the relationship between you will become closer and closer. When you feel that the time has come to meet again, you can offer this ambiguous invitation! “Look, we agreed to go to xxx together before, let’s go together!”


3. Persistence method

Premise: Okay! Our invitation was rejected.

How to ask for second date text? Never keep talking about the date thing, you want to be indifferent, take the initiative to digress, talk about something else, and so the atmosphere is good to continue the invitation.

It doesn’t matter if it was rejected next time, no need to dwell on it, maybe the woman is really something these days.


4. Invite in advance so that you have a higher success rate

Before the invitation you have to do a lot of preparation, choose the location, choose the time, but do not choose the day after the evening to invite each other out on a date with you tomorrow. The closer you set the time, the more you will make the other party have a sense of being forced, then your chances of success will become lower. How to ask for a second date by text? Give the woman a time to think about it, a time to dress up.


For example, on Tuesday, you told her that there was a music party on the weekend and asked her if she was interested in attending it together, then out of her concern she may refuse you, but you can talk to her about the party through these days, make it interesting and make her yearn for it, listen to you more and more, the more curious she will be about the party. Then when you ask her again on Friday if she wants to go to the party, there is a good chance she will say yes.

How to ask for a second date by text? In short, always remember: to ask for a date without being abrupt, make sure you’re close before you send the invitation, otherwise it will backfire and scare the girl away.

But if the time has come but delayed the invitation, it will also make the girl misunderstand that you do not have the will to continue to contact, so the shot should be taken, do not let the opportunity to lose for nothing.

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