Ignoring Ex – What Should We Do

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Ignoring ex: How to ignore?

Love is important, but it just makes your life richer. The most important thing in your life is you.

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Ignoring ex: The ex is not that important and not that memorable.

Ignoring your ex: After a breakup, what is the most common thing you do? Most people will look through the dynamics of their ex. Why do you want to see each other’s dynamics? It’s just to know how they are doing.

Is there a new love affair? Are they regretting breaking up with you? Will not find you back together?

Because of this, you time and again through the other party sent dynamic looking for clues, from text to matching pictures, from punctuation to animated emoticons, the corners are not spared.

Ignoring an ex that dumped you: Perhaps you also understand, just do not want to admit: you see rape ex’s circle of friends, but the other party will not send you messages, and will not pay attention to your dynamics, not to mention miss you, because the breakup and regret.


Why bother to look at the ex’s circle of friends? For people who do not love to add to their hearts, is it worth it?

Ignoring ex: Concerned about the former people, most of them are still nostalgic, or upset.

After the breakup, you frequently updated the dynamic, sent sentimental text, just to get their attention, the other party casually point a like, you think people still like you, there is a possibility of compound.

Ignoring your ex: In fact, the other party is just a casual point of view, since they have broken up, why bother to affect their lives, so they can influence your life?

The other party’s every move, should no longer affect your emotions, you should not be cheap, to click on their dynamic again and again.

Ignoring ex: If you know that there is no result, why do you want to repeat the same mistake.



Ignoring ex: The person who did not accompany you to the end, does not deserve to be the main character in your story.

After Mo and her boyfriend broke up, the two did not delete each other’s social accounts, so the most common thing she does is often look through the dynamics of her predecessor.

Ignoring ex: Every time she talks about her predecessor, she says she has forgotten about each other, but she can’t help but to care about each other’s lives. The first thing you need to do is to look at your predecessor’s news before you go to bed, and accidentally click a like under one of the news, but you don’t notice.

Ignoring an ex that dumped you: The next morning, the predecessor sent her a message: “You should not look at my dynamic again.” She opened his dynamic again and found that it was no longer available, she was blacked out by the other party.



The company’s main goal is to provide a comprehensive range of products and services to the public. The company’s main goal is to provide the best possible service to its customers. The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.

Ignoring ex: The more you love, the more painful it is, just like the habit of staying up late, the more you like someone you can’t forget.

But habits can change, like can also change, and then deep feelings, will eventually be released in front of time.

Ignoring ex: The adult like, can’t do lovers, can also do friends, even if they are strangers, why bother to become enemies.

Some people see clearly, some things will also look light.

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Ignoring ex: After the breakup, forget the former, from no matter what, do not contact bother, do not look back to start.

Ignoring your ex: After the couple broke up, it is best not to contact again. Leave you to live better, the heart will be upset; after leaving than you, inevitably worry; no new love, always think that the other heart can not forget you; with a new love, inevitably sad and sad, and even can not help but compare.

Ignoring an ex that dumped you: Forget like, or even love people, will be very difficult, but then difficult, but also to try to forget.

No matter how much you used to love each other, the moment of separation, is already once. No matter how good or bad that person is, it is no longer relevant to you.


The shadows of lost love, forget about the former, don’t go to inquire about each other’s news, don’t care about their recent situation, don’t go to see people’s circle of friends, eliminate the idea of contacting the former.

Ignoring ex: The world is so big, there are many interesting things to learn new skills, go out with friends to travel, work well to earn money, read more to learn …… There are many things to do, so why waste your time on your ex?

Don’t put your energy into nostalgia for the past, grasp the fullness of the present, with a better self to meet a better tomorrow.

Ignoring ex: Since you’re not in love anymore, it’s better to let love live, don’t turn back so often, go and save up more effort and look forward to a better tomorrow.

Adults in love, look forward to go to the end, and do not fear the sudden breakup!


Ignoring ex:

Yeah, don’t deliberately forget, and no need to blame yourself for unintentionally remembering.

The actual fact is that you will be able to get a little bit better. Perhaps one day, unknowingly you will find that you do not remember your ex. There is no need to deliberately forget, and then look back on it with just a smile.

Walking down this road of life, hitting a light pole.

Rub your forehead and keep walking.

I asked you what the light pole looks like, you may have long forgotten.

But you must remember that light pole, because the crash hurts.

Ignoring ex: The former is that light pole, because it hurts, so it is difficult to forget.

No need to deny that you did not hit it.

And don’t lie about not hurting after being hit.

What you need to do now is

The only thing to do now is to keep going until you meet that person.

Then say to him, “I’m in pain, can you rub it for me.”

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