Task Analysis Examples For Social Skills

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What if you don’t know relationship skills? Do not worry, read this article today, you will learn some methods. Task analysis examples for social skills for you.

A lot of love just sprouted and was mercilessly extinguished.

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I have a friend, this is the case. She had never been in love, and once, with great difficulty, she met a guy she liked at a volunteer event, who also happened to be in charge of the same job.

Task analysis examples for social skills: She was full of joy and prepared a lot of words to communicate with the boy. But whenever she got up the courage to communicate with the boy, she would be so nervous that her legs would be frozen in place as if they were sealed, and she couldn’t move her legs.


The whole morning she did not say a word to the boy.

After returning home she was remorseful and felt that she was simply too weak to be weak.

Task analysis examples for social skills: In fact, many people may have had this experience. Obviously see their heart’s desire for a little brother, can not help but keep glancing at him.

Obviously your heart very much want to get to know him, and also in the fantasy of each other can live together happily, but you are deadly afraid to go on, your thoughts and then active naive body does not listen.

Task analysis examples for social skills: This is a long time, you are afraid because, you missed a touch of love.

Why is this? What causes you to meet someone you like, so nervous? The general reason, can be divided into these two.



Subjective reasons

Task analysis examples for social skills: The so-called subjective reasons, that is, the reasons inherent in your own body.

First, because of your own emotions.

You are afraid of not performing perfectly in front of the other party, afraid that you will not be able to leave a good impression in front of the other party, so such emotions will cause you to be nervous and even fearful when you see him.

Secondly, there is another reason because of your original habits.

Task analysis examples for social skills: When you are originally accustomed to the state of their own alone, rarely will participate in some social occasions, rarely and unfamiliar people to deal with, then you naturally in this regard will seem a little raw and unnatural.

“Social fear”, the social barriers brought about by the of course also affect the state of play in front of him.



Objective reasons

Task analysis examples for social skills: When the other side of the performance is too perfect, we will unconsciously produce a pressure in our hearts, so we feel that we have little chance of winning.

Because the other party’s family background, appearance, income, education and other factors, so you have an inexplicable sense of inferiority, so that you have a kind of cowardice.

Another point may be the childhood experience (unpleasant childhood experiences lead to fear of contact with people), although this factor is generally more special, in childhood did not get enough parental care or even abuse, this kind of in single-parent families or reorganization of the family is more common.

Task analysis examples for social skills: No matter which of the above causes your nervousness or which points, in fact, we have a way to improve, so how should we do it?

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1. Accept your nervousness

Task analysis examples for social skills: We often fall into the misconception that we are nervous that there is something wrong with us.

In fact, thumping heart, slightly red cheeks of nervousness just means that the person is your favorite. What you need is the courage to get to know and understand him.

So, my first advice to you is not to try to change your nervousness in the first place, but to accept your nervousness, because nervousness is not terrible, unless it is the kind that keeps you from eating and sleeping, to accept that nervousness is actually a normal emotional change.

Task analysis examples for social skills: Usually, people in the face of their favorite, and in the attribution of uncertainty, will produce in the physiological stimulation of adrenal hormones, and thus in the psychological individual will feel nervous, which is a very natural physiological phenomenon.

So, if you want to overcome this tension, first of all, please accept it, rather than avoid it.


2. Put aside the sense of gain and loss

Task analysis examples for social skills: It is indeed strange that people sometimes choose to avoid the courage to even go up and talk, even though they like it very much. The reason behind this problem is the fear of gain and loss.

We all like to get, afraid to lose, more afraid to lose is their own very favorite thing.

To solve the problem of gain and loss, the first thing to do is to put your mind in the right place and throw away your gains and losses.

Task analysis examples for social skills: When you and the person you love have not even spoken a few words, the eight words have not yet begun, the fear of loss and what is the point?

Gain or loss is only a thought, bravely say the first word, there may be unexpected gains.


3. Give yourself more positive hints

There is a particularly famous psychological phenomenon, called Murphy’s Law, I believe many people know. It says.

Task analysis examples for social skills: When you are more afraid of what happens, the more likely it is to happen.

So if you always give yourself negative psychological hints that you will hit a nail in the head and that the other person will not like you, then things will probably go that way.

Because when you’re afraid of something, you’re more likely to screw it up because you’re afraid. So, please give yourself more positive cues.

Task analysis examples for social skills: Although you don’t have to get up every morning and read in the mirror 300 times I’m the best, but you can give yourself a boost, a boost, and believe that you are a good and likeable girl.

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