Love: When Somebody Loved Me Chords

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When somebody loved me chords, you are lucky!

Jose once asked Sanso: “What kind of person do you want to marry?”

Sansho said, “If I like it, I will marry a millionaire. If I don’t like him, I won’t marry a billionaire.”

Then Jose said, “Actually, you still want to marry a rich man.”

Sanso said, “There are exceptions. If it’s you, it’s enough money for food.”

Jose asked, “So do you eat a lot?”

Mitsuru said, “Not much, not much, and I can eat less later.”

You see, in fact, favoritism is the foundation of true love.

The most bottom of the world is not respect and equality, but being favored.

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What is favoritism?

When she loved me chords: It’s the fact that on a planet of 7 billion people, we are not unique, or even ordinary. But there is still one person who is devoted to us alone with passion and love.

Just like the little prince said to the 40 million roses, “My rose, unlike you, is better than all of you by itself.”

Like Mariko’s grandfather saying to Mariko, “Even if everyone didn’t favor Mariko, I would still favor you.”

When somebody loved me chords, It’s like Patrick scolding another sponge: “Square body, big incisors, stupid tie. Just looking at it makes me sick.” Turning to SpongeBob and telling him, “But these look good on you to me.”

I am not loved for being unique, but I am unique for being loved.



What it’s like to be favored

When she loved me chords: You come out with full marks, you don’t have to compare yourself with others, you don’t have to be considered over and over again, you are free to be yourself.

He loves your gentle and delicate, also love your teeth and claws; love your glowing when you are proud, also love your low when the decadence is bleak.

You sleep, not sleepy he accompanied you; a group of people gathering, subconsciously look to you; although things always have a sequence, but you have been first, the other in the back.

When she loved me chords: Not necessarily always send you sugar, but see the sugar, always think of you; you always have a backing to rely on, there is always a way back to go.

Spring summer said, “I want this world to have a light for me to fight, someone for me.” I hope you do the same.

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What can go wrong with not being favored

When somebody loved me chords: Children who grow up in favoritism love themselves all their lives and live in a romantic relationship with themselves. Children who have not been favored, however, are at risk of living a lifetime of self-doubt and self-denial.

They are prone to such manifestations (Matthews, 2014; Noormega, 2017) as

Always set their goals low and even actively give up pursuing those bigger and better goals, even when they actually aspire to achieve them.

Habitually motivates oneself in a negative way, as if the only way to be motivated to change is to be harsh and critical of oneself.

Tend to take other people’s opinions as accusations against you, always feeling that other people’s words are directed at you.

It is hard to forgive yourself for your mistakes or failures, always dwelling on your past regrets and holding on to those “shouldn’ts”.


When somebody loved me chords: Always comparing yourself with others, living in envy or jealousy of others, feeling that “others are better than me in everything”.

Feeling embarrassed and overwhelmed by the appreciation from others, always thinking that others are only affirming them out of courtesy or kindness.

When somebody loved me chords: If parents are always critical of their children’s words and actions, or lack positive affirmation and encouragement, young children are likely to interpret this as “I can’t please my parents, I’m bad”.

It is an important experience for young children to feel that they are favored by their parents. It is the backbone of our belief that we will be loved by others later in life.

A child who lacks this confidence is at risk of falling into a black hole of self-doubt and self-loathing.


When somebody loved me chords: Self-loathing is when a person fundamentally feels that they are bad or at least not good enough in every way, and therefore that they do not deserve good things or good relationships.

Even if others show evidence that they are “really good,” they will still insist that they are not good.

It’s worth noting that self-loathing hurts people not only in their relationships with themselves, but also in their relationships with the outside world.



How to stop self-loathing

When she loved me chords: What about not being favored? Don’t worry, there is no need to give up on yourself.

First, you need to learn to forgive yourself. You can ask yourself these questions and give answers to them.

Among the things/traits/abilities about me, which ones make me most proud?

What things make me most happy/excited when I do them? What trait/ability of mine helps me to be happy in this thing?

When somebody loved me chords: When was the last time I had a problem? What traits/abilities/strengths of mine have gotten me out of a difficult situation?


Exercises like this actually give you some opportunity to see yourself in a positive light.

Failure to love ourselves well is largely due to the fact that we grow up accustomed to seeing ourselves through the eyes of others.

When somebody loved me chords: These standards and demands, which are not based on our reality, constitute one of the biases in our lives that make us hesitate and struggle between listening to our inner needs and conforming to external expectations.

It is better to favor yourself more, to respect your own existence and listen to your inner desires.

When somebody loved me chords: The world is gentler than you think, and I hope you can accept yourself, be the closest friend to yourself, face the various prejudices in life side by side, and look at your potential and future possibilities with curiosity.

To be loved is a happy thing, and I hope that each of us is the one who is favored.

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