Scorpio And Scorpio Love

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Scorpio and Scorpio love: Scorpion in love can be the active party, but also can be the passive party. And according to their sensitive and meticulous character, they tend not to take the initiative, as for the pre-love push and pull and ambiguous should be very good at the Scorpion. And they are also to determine whether the other party really cares about their own. After all, they are careful in love in the model, not to the other side to carry out some tests, not quite in line with common sense.

Scorpio and Scorpio compatibility: In fact, this is because they are always overly invested in love. However, if the Scorpion’s push and pull ambiguity is classified as amorous, it is a little wrong to them. Because, they are also ambiguous with only one person. Only when the other party has really gained the trust of the Scorpion, he will start a relationship, and at the beginning of the relationship, in fact, it means that the understanding of the lover, has almost all mastered.

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Scorpion’s love match


Scorpio and Scorpio relationship: Like when the Scorpion meets Capricorn, Capricorn’s stability and practicality makes the Scorpion baby feel very secure. But this also means that, compared to the Scorpion Capricorn more rational, so they may not understand the Scorpion’s sensibility. And two equally strong zodiac signs meet, inevitably in the opinion will also produce arguments.



Scorpio and Scorpio relationship: Sagittarius character has always been spontaneous, they are enthusiastic and cheerful, funny and humorous, everywhere they go will bring laughter. According to say they and Scorpio seem to be incompatible. But the world is unpredictable, Sagittarius and Scorpio is a very complementary character. Scorpio is undoubtedly cautious, careful, but in front of Sagittarius this big-headed shrimp, it seems like a punch on the cotton can not make the force, is a thing down a thing.


Scorpio and Scorpio love: Once Sagittarius and Scorpio become close lovers, Scorpio will put down their guard, and Sagittarius frankly, the two can get along with each other constantly find each other’s merits, again and again to fall in love with the same, this is almost the secret of love longevity. So Sagittarius and Scorpio’s natural complementarity, so they will be happy and successful together, harmonious and harmonious.

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Scorpio and Scorpio love: Virgo introverted and subtle, and Scorpio character independent and mysterious, it is said that the two people basically will not have any intersection. But Virgo’s discerning eye, like all aspects of the outstanding people, once recognized a person, will be dead, general people simply can not enter the heart of Virgo. On the contrary, Scorpio, in addition to the ability is generally stronger, they are also accustomed to solitary, this solitary character, just to attract the attention of Virgo.


Scorpio and Cancer

Scorpio and Scorpio love: Cancer people’s character gentle, sincere, insecure, such as a mother’s love like a strong sense of protection, Cancer people heavy feelings, very important to the family that is not easy to form, Scorpio people are also heavy feelings of people, Scorpio once determined the goal will never easily let go, so Scorpio and Cancer two love at first sight, life Cancer will play the mother’s character to the fullest, taking care of the Scorpio Life and living, most Scorpio people or very enjoy this clothes to reach out, meals to open mouth feeling, of course, there are a small number of Scorpio people or more rebellious independent, Cancer has a motherly character must have motherly nagging, I think that a small number of Scorpio must be because of this rebellion. Cancer nagging to nagging never in front of Scorpio mention the previous relationship history, Scorpio will explode, in general you two signs is very perfect combination.




Scorpio and Scorpio love: It is said that Scorpio is a sign that does not smile, cold as frost, so that people do not dare to easily approach, so cold beauty, perhaps only those who know how to appreciate people understand that this is only a self-protective move of Scorpio, hiding the inner turmoil, but is very good at insight into each other’s psychology, as long as the language, movement, eyes, etc., can read each other’s inner world, because they are very sensitive. Because the Scorpion has such a sensitive, he will be so vulnerable, immobile and easily affected, such as suddenly silent. The Scorpion has a kind of inferiority complex in his bones, but sometimes very confident, he does not allow others to question and distrust him, a little paranoid.


Scorpio and Scorpio love: In love, always in pursuit of forever, a long-lasting love for Scorpio, is the ultimate goal, hope to be able to blossom. The combination of Scorpion woman and Scorpion man is very extreme, can love with a bang, but also can love into the fire. Perhaps the same sign love each other, understand each other’s psychology, are agreed that love should be one heart, since the choice of you, he will not like others, because his heart has been occupied by you full of your things.


Scorpio and Scorpio love: Two people who take their feelings seriously may be able to interpret a perfect love, but when the inner pursuit of disagreement, the two people hold their own views, the true nature of bossy and domineering show, paranoid about their views, each does not give way. After parting ways, since they can not do lover, not into friends, this is also the characteristics of Scorpio, when the inner suspicion as well as suspicion, will make Scorpio form the psychology of revenge, two scorpions head-on confrontation up, the consequences are unimaginable, both defeated is the inevitable result.

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