6 Love Stage Characters

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Love Stage Characters: The 6 stages that humans must go through when marrying love. Many people lose in level 4!
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6 Love Stage Characters

Love Stage Characters: The 6 stages that humans must go through when marrying love. Many people lose in level 4!
Someone once asked whether a girl would be more willing to marry love or to marry money. If there are both, who would choose one? However, in real life, both are usually empty. On the one hand, the girl waited; on the other hand, she hesitated when she met.
Who on earth is holding her footsteps? Is it really hard to meet the right person? Everyone has to go through these six stages from being single to falling in love to getting married. The knowledge of love is no less superficial than the vast stars. If you can survive it, it must be true love!

6 Love Stage Characters
Stage 1: Search

Some people say that love in childhood came easily, quickly, and sweetly. But the more I grow up, the more lonely, and the harder it is to give my heart. Usually, I set up the Flag in the last second and I am looking for an object, but in the next second, I am too lazy to even know the door. It seems that watching movies and playing games can stimulate adrenaline more than knowing a person again.
Looking for a target has become a rush and an appointment, usually because this round has not yet been settled, and the next round will follow one after another. In the past, the traffic was slow, and the mail was also slow. Now we don’t even bother to reply with a “hello”.
Too many choices are not only costly but also costly.

6 Love Stage Characters
Stage 2: Confirmation

Love may be late, but it will never be absent. Your boyfriend is immature, he is playing hide and seek with you, but in the end, you still find him.
The first time you see him, you will blush; the first time you hug, your heartbeat jumps out; the first time you kiss, it’s like eating the sweetest candy in the world.
You are so fit, similar experiences, similar hobbies, and similar three views, you firmly believe that each other is the only one in the world.

6 Love Stage Characters
Stage 3: Coexistence and love period

The love at this time is hot and beautiful, his love for you is always hidden, and you are always in his eyes. You are just like one person, you are each other in your heart and mind every moment.
I miss it when I don’t see it, and I don’t want to separate when I see it. His eyes are full of the other’s beauty, and his shortcomings are all lovely.
During this period, the two sides were fascinated by each other as if they had taken heroin. A lot of dissatisfaction and tolerance in the future stem from the wonderful feeling at this moment and the cornerstone of love is laid.

6 Love Stage Characters
Stage 4: Dependence and Independence

Gradually, falling in love consumes a lot of energy and time on both sides. There is always someone who will announce it, and take a moment. During the period of dependence and independence, girls tend to be more and more dependent, boys will begin to think about one’s affairs, and their emotions will stabilize.
So one party began to wonder: “Is he not loving me anymore?” or “Is he not loving me enough.” Insecure girls usually can’t stand this kind of change, and even break up.
A lot of seemingly “unreasonable troubles” started to happen. Most of the time the girls quarreled to prove whether the boys care about her, but the way they are used is wrong. It turned out to be counterproductive, and the misunderstanding between the two parties was exacerbated.
The long-term disappointment and anger accumulate, and one day it will erupt like a volcano. At this stage, instead of holding the words in your heart, or suspicious of each other, it is better to speak directly and solve the problem together.

6 Love Stage Characters
Stage 5: The rising period of contradictions

The closer your relationship is, the more places you need to break-in. “Why is he so lazy?” “Why is she always late?” “Why are we so different?” You will quarrel over many trivial things, which is similar to the “seven-year itch” in marriage. You account for each other’s efforts in love, and neither of you wants to be the one who suffers.
However, there are no two people who are completely suitable in this world. As long as they still love each other and want to work together for a lifetime, they must tolerate, understand, respect, and consider each other.
The older generation’s love will not be changed if there is a problem and will be repaired. After three years of sewing and mending, with more patience, the happiness gained is immeasurable. Compared with “the rest of your life, please give me more advice”, it is better to “the rest of my life, please forgive me”.

6 Love Stage Characters
Stage 6: Flat symbiosis period

Finally, you have found the most harmonious way to get along and become the closest and trustworthy people to each other.
On weekends, you lie down on the sofa and watch a drama, he sits at the computer desk and plays games, and then cooks together or order takeaway at noon. Facing the sunset, the two of them held hands and took a walk occasionally, or walked the dog, and felt the rare tranquility of the city together.
You begin to understand that the ardent love will eventually return to the plain of firewood, rice, oil, and salt, dressing, eating, sleeping… but still maintaining the little taste in life and the necessary sense of ritual.
You will still date, in a more cost-effective manner; you will still travel, planning your itinerary and food maps together; you will still give gifts, and you will begin to pay attention to and ask each other what they need.
He becomes mature, you become gentle. You no longer have suspicions about each other and are more willing to calm down and solve problems. So, you agreed to his marriage proposal, and he promised to love you for a lifetime.

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