What Love Looks Like? 5 Faces Of Love

People who cover their faces
What love looks like?
The short phrase “I love you” speaks to many people’s most beautiful desires, heart-stopping memories, and the satisfaction of the quiet years.
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What Love Looks Like? 5 Faces Of Love

What love looks like? 5 ways to look at love.
What love looks like?
The short phrase “I love you” speaks to many people’s most beautiful desires, heart-stopping memories, and the satisfaction of the quiet years.
Love, with its complex forms and elusive uncertainties, inspires different life experiences in different people, and thus it attracts the never-ending passion of human beings.
What love looks like? Today, we show you 5 different ways of looking at love, and we hope you will feel love once again in our book.

What love looks like?
The person who looks like a rainbow
It’s the feeling of first love

“For no reason at all, my heart just missed a beat. For the first time in my life, I felt that way. It’s like the whole world is surrounding you, tumbling from your body from the inside out, and you’re floating in mid-air. The only thing that ties you down and doesn’t float away are those eyes.” –Vendelin Van de la Annan, “Thumping Heart
This is the original novel of the Hollywood movie “Thumping”. Juliana Baker, the heroine, fell in love with Bryce Rose, the hero, when she was in the second grade. She is convinced that one day she and Bryce will kiss. However, Bryce has no feelings for her and even thinks she is a bit weird, how can anyone like to smell other people’s hair? He avoids her, and his family throws Juliana’s eggs away. Their relationship drops to a freezing point, and a family dinner and lunch boy selection brings the two together again ……
Remember that first love? The first encounter, you may not dare to look those eyes, but the corners of the mouth smile still betrayed you. “The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you are getting into. This is the first time love, people are caught off guard, but also feel warm and beautiful.

What love looks like?
Rational or Impulsive
What kind of love is more valuable?

“An emotional person, though he may seem ridiculous, is a hundred times better than a calculating snob, if he has a good heart and treats people warmly.” –Jane Austen, Sense and Sensibility
The novel is based on the twists and turns of the marriage between the two heroines, and raises the issue of morality and behavior through the humorous contrast between “reason and emotion. The dramatic scenes in the book also expose the weaknesses of women to the fullest extent.
The main characters are two sisters who grow up in a family of English squires. While the older sister is good at controlling her emotions with reason, the younger sister, on the contrary, has no restraint in her feelings. Therefore, when faced with love, the two people made different reactions …… book this scene of comic scenes may also have your own “shadow”, the face of good love, is the choice of emotional or rational? Perhaps there is no absolute answer.

What love looks like?
People in passionate love
Can see each other as life

“I love you to the point of not being selfish. Like a man who has a dove flying away in his hand, he blesses the flight of that dove from his heart. You too, fly. I will be sad and I will be happy, and I don’t know what will happen in the end.” –Wang Xiaobo, “Love You Like Life
This is an epistolary work written by Wang Xiaobo to his lover Li Yin. These unadorned, heartfelt words let us enter the real Wang Xiaobo. The passionate and innocent words, soaked with his perception of world affairs, combine fun and deep feelings in one, a classic of love beyond love letters.
It is never a secret that I like you, and you can repeat in me to confirm whether I like you or not. Everywhere you look is you. It’s all about you, it’s all about romance!

What love looks like?
There is also some love that is
A mix of love and hate

“In fact, I would have been happy to hear that she was sick, unhappy and dying. I imagined that any pain she might have endured in those days would have relieved me of a share of it; and if she had died, I would have been relieved, and I would not have had to imagine the things that a man in my ignominious position must have imagined. “-Graham Greene, The End of the Affair
This is an autobiographical novel, is the Nobel Prize for Literature Graham Greene’s masterpiece. The story takes place during World War II when Morris, a writer in London, England, falls in love with Sara, the wife of Henry, a civil servant. An accident causes Sara to leave without saying goodbye, and Morris spends two years in hatred and jealousy. Two years later, they reunite, when that relationship in the hot love, hate, suspicion, jealousy, faith again torment Morris ……
I do not love the world’s chaos, I just love you. You let me know the meaning of the four words “earth worthy”, but also your departure tormented me. Perhaps it is in the pain and jealousy that I can actually feel the real existence of love.

What love looks like?
The most classic love script:
The Prince falls in love with Cinderella

“To be able to look up is happiness! Health is the only happiness you can ask for! Even if it’s about to expire, it should be bought, shouldn’t it?” —Extinction “Miss Crow and Mr. Lizard
Chief designer Gu Chuan was involved in a car accident ten years ago, and after the implantation of a mechanical heart, he could not exercise vigorously, could not have joy or sorrow, and could not live like an ordinary person. He lost confidence in his life as a walking corpse and planned to end his life after completing his wish list, but he met Jiang Xiao-ning, a “Miss Crow” who got a bad name due to his father’s embezzlement of public money. She coincidentally becomes Gu Chuan’s assistant and shakes his decision to end his life ……
What Love Looks Like?

The beauty of love lies in giving people a soft spot and armor. We change ourselves for each other to become better versions of ourselves, and that’s true love. I love someone, there is no way to be indifferent, even if the mouth is hard, the love for you will flow from the eyes, because you are my soft spot; facing the fire and fire, the mountains and rivers are far away, I am fearless, because you are also my armor.

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