Like vs Love: 3 Differences Of Them

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Like vs Love: 

What exactly is it like? What is love?

What is the difference between love and like?

Where is the line between Like vs Love?

What is the difference in psychology between Like vs Love?

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Like vs Love: 3 Differences Of Them

What is the difference between Like vs Love?

We often hear many classic sentences about the difference between Like vs Love.

  • Like is recklessness, love is restraint
  • Like has many people, but love has only one person

Like vs Love: 

  1. What exactly is it like? What is love?
  2. What is the difference between love and like?
  3. Where is the line between Like vs Love?
  4. What is the difference in psychology between Like vs Love?

If you like a flower, you will choose to pick it and have it because you want to keep it in its most beautiful form at the moment. But if you love the flower, you want it to look its best every day and you need to nurture it and take care of it. The difference between love and like is very difficult to distinguish.

Like vs Love are not opposing emotions and can coexist perfectly well, but when Like vs Love do not coincide, two outcomes can occur.

If you like someone but don’t love him/her, a big spare tire is born; and if you love someone but don’t like him/her (and there are cases!) If you love someone but don’t like him/her (and there are cases!), then just like the movie “One Day”, you and the other person can only end up being very good friends, not lovers.

I Like You vs I Love You:

Like is an emotion that can be directed at many individuals, but love can only be directed at one person. And psychology has this analysis of the reasons for liking –

You may like someone because he/she is near you and you can communicate easily, or you may have some similarities with the other person and happen to talk about the same channel.

Or this person is very handsome and beautiful, you are attracted to him/her; or even just because the other person likes you, so you may have liked him/her a little.

What’s the difference between like and love?

Falling in love with someone may not be so simple. According to psychologist Robert Sternberg, true love is the perfect combination of passion, intimacy, and responsibility. We can think of these three conditions as the three endpoints of a triangle.


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When only intimacy exists between two people, it constitutes the feeling of liking. If passion arises among them, it will give you the feeling of rapid heartbeat and dilated pupils, and liking will gradually turn into infatuation.

And in the relationship of infatuation, there is a mutual responsibility, a loving relationship will be created. In short, like does not have a sexual urge, love does.

When liking someone, people focus on mutual joy and trust; but if they are in love, there is a high chance that people will idealize the other person and think that he/she is beautiful at all times, and even the black history will be interesting.

Like vs Love

First differenceLike vs Love.

“Sometimes, there are 4 reasons why you might like someone.

1) Proximity: you are close to each other, so it’s easy to talk

2) similarity: you have the same interests or three views, talk on a channel

3) fairness: the other party likes you, you are touched, also have a good feeling for each other

4) Appearance attraction

But really to fall in love with someone is a very romantic thing.

According to psychologist Robert Sternberg.

True love is the perfect combination of passion, intimacy, and responsibility.

Passion gives you the feeling of electric shock, dilated pupils, and a racing heart.

Intimacy is always wanting to maintain a sense of closeness and connection with the other person. The higher the trust and security, the better the intimacy.

And responsibility is the commitment to the relationship.

When really in love with someone, one of these three things is missing. When only intimacy exists, it’s like; when only passion exists, it’s infatuation; when only responsibility exists, it’s empty love.

Like vs Love

Second difference: Like vs Love.

A study by the University of Chicago showed that a lover will put more eyes on your face, while a fuck buddy will generally pay more attention to your body. So like is loving your body, while love is liking your soul.

When we like someone, we focus on joy and trust; and when we love someone, we idealize him, when he is good at everything, it is easy to develop inferiority behavior.

Like makes us happy, love makes us crazy.

Psychologist Helen fisher found that when in love with a person will produce oxytocin, oxytocin is the exclusive hormone of love, which on the one hand makes lovers trust and understand each other; on the other hand makes them more susceptible to suspicion, jealousy, and hostility.

Like and attraction, on the other hand, are the result of dopamine and pro-adrenaline.

Like vs Love

Third differenceLike vs Love.

According to psychologist Zeke Rubin, love has 3 characteristics that like does not have.

1) Addictive dependency: the need to know everything about the lover.

2) A sense of exclusivity: being the first person to arrive when the lover is in trouble.

3) Possessiveness: not wanting to see the lover in a close relationship with someone else.

In addition, physically, oxytocin is the hormone exclusive to love, which both allows lovers to trust and understand each other; but it also affects them and makes them prone to suspicion, jealousy, and hostility.

And like is dopamine and norepinephrine interaction, like the pleasure caused by the feeling, but than love to come pure it!

This is probably the reason why love is more complex than like!

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