Love Secret: Do You Have?

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Love secret: What’s your secret?

Love comes in many shapes and sizes, but companionship is the longest confession.

How much courage and determination does it take for a person to spend their life together with another person?

From knowing each other to loving each other, this may have to go through many unknown hardships.

Secret love: You are still willing to take your time to understand this person, understand this person, accompany this person, for life, never leave.

I think this is the power of love.

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Senior secret love: In this fast-paced era, there are too many people who know less than two minutes to scan the code and add WeChat, but will never contact again.

The warm, firm and long-lasting love is always enviable and desirable.

However, in order to be able to stay together for a long time, how much effort did they each put in behind the scenes?

“In fact, in order to be with you, I have some little secrets that I have not told you.”

What are the secrets that are not confessed to the lover in love?

Love secret: Each of them had hidden some secrets from their lovers, but after listening to these secrets, it turns out that

Each secret is a proof that I love you.




Love secret: I have never been a person who understands love, but I know that people always have some secrets that they don’t want others to know.

The definition of a secret is not known to anyone, and we have as many secrets as we never say. So secrets are not the same as shameful, and being a person with secrets is not the same as being a person who is not sincere, not honest, not open-minded.

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Secret love: Ordinary people’s little secrets may not be as dramatic as they are in literature, but they’re still a lot of things. Excluding special circumstances such as breaking the law or hurting someone, keeping the right not to share little secrets is, in my opinion, first and foremost a form of mutual respect in a relationship.

Secrets can be about an inner inferiority complex that doesn’t match the surface, some dark thoughts that occasionally surface, guilt about someone or something, or about growing up confused and fumbling about sex.

These secrets are where our weaknesses lie.

Senior secret love: No one steps into each other’s hearts in a relationship, we touch each other, build trust, and take off our inner defenses a little while taking off our clothes piece by piece. This process is also full of trial and error, twists and turns, I tell you a secret, I am vulnerable in front of you a point, your burden and responsibility also increased a point.


Love secret: Everyone’s heart has a door, behind the door there may be honey, perhaps arsenic. When you love someone, we want to open the door to share the honey, but also want to tell him with fear and trepidation, in fact, my happy appearance hidden under the arsenic ah. If two people open their hearts at the same time, share the good, share the bad, both people will become sure, holding hands to stand in front of the next door. If I open the door at the same time, the other party closed the door, then this sensitive and fragile door will be sadly re-closed, or even never be opened again.

So, the choice to keep secrets in love, not to keep the last bargaining chip, but not to speak lightly of secrets, so as not to pay wrongly and fail each other.

Love secret: However, from the beginning to the end are mutual wait and see, reserved love, and not necessarily is a smart love, only to love each other to tell the secret is risky, in the feelings and did not go to a certain extent, whether to tell the secret is not the basis for judging whether the feelings are sincere, we have the right to keep the secret, more should know how to protect their own soft spot. The game of secret for true heart is a bit dangerous.

Love secret: But with the depth of feelings, we always need some mutual unveiling of the bottom of the moment, to determine whether this person is also ready to burn everything for the relationship, or has been ready to spring and rain together with the extinction of the common life. Love as a reckoning.



The secrets that need to be hidden in love

1. Past love experience to be buried in the heart

Love secret: In between lovers, probably the most troubling thing is whether or not to confess past love experiences with each other. In fact, the best way is not to say anything. If the other person has to know, not saying anything at all may make him suspicious. If you tell them all, it will easily cause them to be jealous.

It is difficult to give clear advice, but as an indicator, it is wise to “not say anything that you have not done to him”. The root of jealousy is the feeling that you are losing out to your ex.

Love secret: Everyone is curious and wants to know about the other person’s past, but when they find out, they get upset and torn. If you don’t want your lover to be in a bad mood, don’t let him smell the sweet love of your past.


2. If you tell him, it will make him sad too

Love secret: If something to hide is a pain for you, then it is best not to let him know. Think about it, you have no secrets at all or tell him the secrets of you, which he loves more?

Love secret: He may react in such a way that when you tell him the secrets of your heart, he is happy that you can confess to him, and the relationship between the two people becomes closer.

But if it is something that will make the other party suffer a blow, we should think it over.

Love secret: First, you have to think clearly, and he confessed, what is the point of telling him their secrets. Just your self-satisfaction? It may be a relief to your own heart, but it may add pressure to the other person’s spirit, so do self-control.

It is also a kind of love to go through life with a secret that cannot be told. Don’t let the annoying things become more complicated, don’t let your love become heavy because of the old things.

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