Love Is Not Jealous


Love is not jealous.

Who are the most unfortunate people in the world? 

My answer is: jealous people.

Jealousy, I must say, is a very subtle psychology. Sometimes it hides so deeply that one can hardly notice its existence; sometimes it wears many masks so that you cannot see the truth of jealousy.
Because it is subtle, changeable, and disguised, so much so that those who have been hurt by it many times remain defenseless, it can be anxious in secrecy, angry in repression, and covetous in smiles, and this is one of our human weaknesses – jealousy.
Jealousy originally originated with Satan. He was jealous of Christ’s position in the heavenly court, of his being embraced and revered by all the angels of the heavenly court, and he was jealous of Christ’s intimate relationship with God the Father.
He was jealous of Christ, so he tried to slander him, even spreading rumors before the angels, and made them question the law of God’s love, and finally led a third of the angels under his spell to betray God and rebel against the heavenly court; he was jealous of the happiness and happiness of the fathers of mankind, so he tempted them to sin, and brought them and all mankind to ruin. All this is the consequence of jealousy.
The jealous man closes his eyes to the good qualities and noble deeds of others. He often attacks and misinterprets the best people. People often confess their sins and forsake the faults of others, but the envious man has little hope of being asked to do so. For to be jealous of someone is to admit that he is better than he is, and pride will not allow him to make any concessions.
If you try to convince a jealous man of his sin, he will attack the object of his hatred more than anything else, and often he will remain incorrigible.
The jealous man spreads toxins, alienates his friends, stirs up resentment, and rebels against God and man, no matter what he does. He wants people to think of him as the most beautiful and the greatest, but instead of taking heroic and self-sacrificing actions to achieve a superior position, he tries to drown the merits of others.

Love Is Not Jealous
The Suffering Of Jealousy

A person who harbors jealousy in his heart is actually very bitter, because the real victim of jealousy is actually the jealous person himself. He may not be aware of the terrible consequences of jealousy, but if he is jealous, he is destined to have no peace of mind. The jealous person often sets up his own battlefield and frightens himself. He sees those who are better than him as his enemies and attacks them at every turn.
Jealousy can also make a person’s sensory function dysfunctional, his judgment mechanism dysfunctional, his aesthetic ability declined, and his standard of right and wrong reversed, causing the spirituality of a good life to wither.
For example, intellectually speaking, a jealous person knows the beauty of a jealous person, but one day, when he or she realizes the negative significance of the other person’s beauty to him or her, he or she starts to search for possibilities to belittle it, and this search may not have any real but psychological results.
In the same way, for example, spiritually speaking, a pastor preaches very good sermons, and a jealous person actually knows that this pastor’s sermons are very touching and have the power of the Holy Spirit, but because of his jealousy, he has to avoid listening to this pastor’s sermons and does not read the sermon collection of this pastor, and tries his best to pick faults in this pastor’s sermons in order to make people feel that this pastor’s sermons are not so good.
How sad this is! The way of life that could lead to repentance is lost because of the hidden jealousy of the heart. Over time, this will have a devastating effect on one’s spirituality.
I often hear people say, “I will not listen to someone’s sermon, I will never read someone’s book of sermons, or I will not attend someone’s study class. Is it true that the pastor or preacher is not preaching well? Is it true that there is something wrong with the sermon? Not necessarily.
Why would you single out a sermon or sermon video that you don’t understand? Why single out the pastor who is so convicting? Why say to someone that there is something wrong here or there in someone’s sermon? Is it really incorrect? I think most of the reasons for this rejection are jealousy, and the result of jealousy is one’s own closed-mindedness.
Jealous people often look for opportunities to belittle others, and many of their reasons are hearsay or exaggerations, so as to satisfy their own empty hearts.
Even if a person of high status is jealous, he or she will unconsciously enter into a way of speaking that no jealous person can avoid, with two points of rumor wrapped in three points of sourness, and the remaining five points of contempt to cover up envy.
Jealousy blocks trust in others, makes people give up holding on to righteousness, and stops them from pursuing the true way. Human beings, who cherish the most mutually loving and harmonious relationship, are seriously harmed by it at all times. It is the greatest enemy of the practice of true love.

Love Is Not Jealous
The Harm of Jealousy

Speaking of jealousy, we must talk about the most typical biblical character who suffered from jealousy – Saul. Saul was the first king of Israel. He was filled with the Holy Spirit and was powerful, he led the people of Israel to God, he led the army to conquer the four directions, he obeyed the prophets and took responsibility for himself, but this first king of Israel, who could have been famous in history, disobeyed God out of jealousy and died on the battlefield, and the Gileadites buried him after his death.
When David defeated the giant Goliath and returned from his triumphant victory over the Philistines together with Saul, there were “women coming out of all the cities of Israel. They greeted King Saul with joy, beating drums and chimes, singing and dancing.” One group sang, “Saul has killed thousands,” and the other group echoed, “David has killed ten thousand,” and the demon of jealousy entered the king’s heart.
He was very angry with the women of Israel for honoring David more than himself when they sang. He did not overcome this jealousy, but showed a weakness in his character. He said, “Give ten thousand to David, and a thousand to me; only the throne is left unto him.”
Saul opened the door of his heart to let in the spirit of jealousy, so that it poisoned his mind. He contrived to marry his daughter to David, but asked him to take a certain number of enemy lives as a bride-price. David’s excellence drove him mad with jealousy, so that he often looked for opportunities to kill David, and marrying his daughter was just one of them.
David’s flawless character aroused the king’s wrath; he considered David’s life to be nothing less than a condemnation to him, because he was ashamed of his character in comparison with David. This jealousy made Saul’s life miserable, and put the life of the young man under him in danger. How much mischief this evil character had caused in the world!
The hatred that existed in Saul’s heart was the same hatred that had excited Cain to kill his brother Abel, because Abel had acted righteously. If a man has jealousy, it will lead to further hatred, and eventually to revenge and murder.
It was this terrible jealousy that made him almost nail David to the palace wall, this terrible jealousy that made him almost kill his own son in his madness, and this terrible jealousy that made him seek to kill David, who was not his enemy, and not stop there. Saul allowed the demon who had instigated him to take full control of him, so that he was ignorant of the moving of the Holy Spirit. What a miserable life this created!

Love Is Not Jealous
Getting Out Of Jealousy

Solomon, the wisest of kings, said, “Quietness of heart is the life of the flesh; envy is decay in the bones.” (Prov. 14:30) Solomon tells us that the secret of life is quietness in the heart, and that those who are jealous are doomed to injustice, discontent, hatred, and distortion. Envy is rottenness in the bones. The marrow of the bones has the function of making blood, and without blood there is no life, and if the bones are rotten, life does not exist. The opposite of death is life, and the opposite of jealousy is quietness. The only way for the mind to be truly quiet is to be content, thankful, and joyful (Prov. 17:22).
When one is content with what one has, and thanks God for it, and thus has peace and joy in one’s heart, this is peace of mind. It is nothing to be unhappy about the gifts of others who have more than you, or to feel sorry for others who are more beautiful and capable than you, or to compare ourselves to others who are richer, or to be cynical about others who are in high places.
We should be thankful for our families’ happiness and good health, even if our families are unhappy and sick, for the life we have and the breath we have temporarily, because while our lives are still alive, we can feel the Creator’s great love for us and the preciousness of the truth He has given us. We should also rejoice in our appearance and talents, because there is only one of you in the world, and God values the only one of you, so what is there not to rejoice in? What is there to stop us from being content and thankful?
Envy is the mind and action of those who do not know God. He who truly has love does not envy others, his mind is quiet, he is content with what God has given him, he is thankful for what he has now, and he rejoices in his heart for what he has. This is the man who has love, and this is the man whose heart is not jealous.

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