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In life, there are always many people talking about “unconditional love, or things I love about youUnconditional love “is always regarded as” true love “, even the supreme” love “. The question we are going to discuss today is, does unconditional love really exist in the real world and the reason why I love you.

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6 facts on things I love about you

What do I mean by things I love about you? First of all, we need to understand that love and relationship are two things. I love someone, but I may not be in a relationship with him. If you want to talk about unconditional love, you have to bear this in mind.

1. Things I love about you, it means to give without taking

When we love someone unconditionally, we only care about whether they are happy, not whether we can get anything from this love. But it doesn’t stop us from getting happiness from unconditional love. On the contrary, it’s this “no taking” that makes us feel happy in love.

2. Things I love about you means I love you as you are

When you say cute things to say to your boyfriend or cute things to say to your boyfriend, you are showing your love. In the ancient Greek description of love, “agape love” is the closest to our definition of unconditional love – we are willing to choose to love no matter what situation or whether the other party may disappoint us. Unconditional love means that when we love someone, we love the person as he is. In other words, our love is only because he is him. Parents may be particularly impressed by this.

3. Things I love about you means tolerance for differences

To love someone as they are also means that we are willing to tolerate each other’s personality traits that are different from ours, our attitude towards the world, and even our common hobbies.

Why you are just wanted to say I love you? Because it is these differences that make him the unique person we love. Unconditional love makes us realize the influence of growing environment, life experience and behavior on individuals, and then accept each other’s differences. It’s also in this sense that unconditional love makes us more mature. In a certain sense, unconditional positive concern and acceptance in a consulting relationship is the embodiment of unconditional love (although a consulting relationship is by no means an unconditional relationship).

4. Things I love about you means the act of the word love itself

Psychologist John Welwood believes that unconditional love is a kind of feeling from the heart.

I want love you, when it comes, we can feel that the hard and frozen places in our heart become soft. But we think that, compared with feelings, unconditional love is more often a kind of behavior, a choice for us to give our fragile self and all ourselves to an unknown emotion, and a belief to pay for a person regardless of the result (pool, 2012). So we say that unconditional love can be learned and strengthened.

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5. Things I love about you doesn’t mean blind love

This kind of “acceptance” does not mean blind identification. It does not mean blind love that allows us to avoid reality, ignore each other’s positive or negative characteristics. “Acceptance” in unconditional love is the process of facing up to the essence of the other party and understanding the other party. You can see the other party clearly, not maintain love by self deception. This is much like the consultant’s understanding and understanding of the client in the consulting relationship.

When it comes to things I love about you, whose who are with the people who hurt themselves and endure without the bottom line are not out of unconditional love, they just love blindly.

6. Things I love about you doesn’t mean that I depend on symbiotic love

The misunderstanding of “unconditional love” is not just “blind love”. There are also a large number of people think that unconditional love is to try to understand each other’s mind, and meet each other’s needs unconditionally all the time, even those extremely selfish or harsh requirements.

In our opinion, this is not so much unconditional love as a kind of morbid symbiotic love: one side is satisfied with what the other side has given, and the other side is happy because he can please others.

Why people keep saying that things I love about you? In the real relationship, the morbid symbiotic love is often easy to end because one party’s needs are more and more difficult to meet, while the other party’s efforts are not affirmed.

Different from this, unconditional love emphasizes that we should first learn to love ourselves unconditionally, rather than lower ourselves to please others. Because only when we love ourselves unconditionally can we really understand what it’s like to be loved unconditionally and learn to love others unconditionally (that’s why we say unconditional love is a learned behavior).

The above are the facts on things I love about you. Emotional things are never one or two sentences can be said clearly. If you want someone to listen to your story, try to find your own soul mate in Latemeet . Here you can make more friends, relieve the depression in your heart, and add a little color to your life.

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