Boyfriend Loves Me But Not Sexually Attracted Me

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Boyfriend loves me but not sexually attracted me, This may happen because your relationship is moving too fast or that as a woman, you may be regretting it after you have had sex. If it’s not either of these two situations, then you probably don’t like your boyfriend anymore.

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Rushing into sex, women may regret it

If you ask a person what they regret most about their sexual experience, men and women may give different answers. Overall, women regret more for not thinking carefully, while men regret that they didn’t take a bolder step forward.

In a 2013 study, male and female subjects ticked off the things they regretted about sex. The results showed that women most regretted choosing the “wrong” partner for their first night (24%) and advancing the sexual part of a relationship too quickly (20%); in contrast, men most regretted not being bold enough to tell each other they were sexually interested (Galperin et al., 2013). . If one wants to avoid regrets, it may make sense for women to take their time and choose carefully about sex in a relationship. [ Boyfriend loves me but not sexually attracted me ]

In addition, rushing into bed may also affect relationship satisfaction. One study found that the quicker a woman has sex in a relationship, the more likely she is to be dissatisfied with the relationship in the future. (Sassler et al., 2012)  


Professor Sharon Sassler of Cornell University studied the association between “sexual interval and intimacy satisfaction”.

Sexual interval refers to how often people start having sex with their partners after entering a dating relationship. The researchers divided 600 married or cohabiting couples into three groups according to the length of the sexual interval: the “sex within 1 month group,” the “sex within 1-6 months group” and the “sex over 6 months group. Sexual intercourse group”. [ Boyfriend loves me but not sexually attracted me ]

By comparing the relationship quality, communication and conflict between the different groups, the researchers found that women who had “sex within 1 month” were less satisfied with the quality of their relationship later in life than those who had sex more than 6 months apart.

Interestingly, the effect of sexual interval on relationships was only evident in women; men’s satisfaction with relationships differed slightly between groups, but not significantly. [ Boyfriend loves me but not sexually attracted me ]

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The researchers suggest that having sex with a partner is seen by women as a symbol of injecting more commitment into the relationship, but men do not feel the same way.

This may be why women became more dissatisfied with the relationship: they became more serious about the relationship and their partners did not keep pace with them. Women’s tendency to associate sexuality with commitment to the relationship may be influenced by social indoctrination, such as the fact that girls are more likely to be cautioned about choosing sexual partners carefully when they are growing up; there may also be biological considerations, as women take on the risk of pregnancy.  [ Boyfriend loves me but not sexually attracted me ]  

On the other hand, after intimate contact with a partner, people often begin to cohabit. And early sex means early cohabitation, when partners have not been able to get to know each other deeply, such as whether they have similar values, whether they have common preferences, whether communication is smooth, what their plans for the future are, etc., so that later in life they find that they do not get along and resentment is constant. [ Boyfriend loves me but not sexually attracted me ]   



Interesting knowledge of sexual attraction

In addition to faces, bodies, voices and smells, there are many studies that reveal very interesting phenomena about gender attraction.

For example.

In short-term relationships, men with scars on their faces are more attractive; in long-term relationships, men with beards are more desirable to women.

Men tend to misinterpret normal female advances as sexual advances, while women tend to misinterpret sexual advances as normal advances. This may also explain why men are more likely than women to think they are attracted to the opposite sex.  [ Boyfriend loves me but not sexually attracted me ]


Women are most likely to be attracted to men whose attitudes toward them are ambiguous and vacillating.

In addition, the gaze between the two sexes is also a big learning curve.

When he/she looks at your face with deep emotion, you can probably determine that she/he desires a sincere love. [ Boyfriend loves me but not sexually attracted me ]

If he is staring at your body, there is a good chance that he is thinking of having sex with you.

when you are talking, if he/she will drop his/her gaze to your head and chest, note that he/she may be attracted to you.  [ Boyfriend loves me but not sexually attracted me ]

If you stare at your legs and feet to talk to you, he/she should just want to be friends with you.

There are also some tips to improve your attractiveness when dating.

Wearing red on a date for men and women, especially on a first date, is the most attractive way to make yourself attractive to the other person. [ Boyfriend loves me but not sexually attracted me ]

Ordering spicy dishes when eating, to be more inviting than having ice cream.

Have a glass, but also just a glass of wine, more can help you glowing charm.

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