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Words to describe yourself sexually, what’s your words? Is your sex life normal? Are you still satisfied with your sex life? A normal sex life includes: normal frequency of sex, normal ejaculatory function, and normal erectile function. I’m Jocelyn. If you have emotional problems, you can ask me for advice. IfContinue Reading

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Five relationships: From five kinds of sex to five kinds of intimacy, the sexual fetish of the process of sex has a lot to do with psychology, so that we can better understand ourselves, each other and the relationship between the two. In the field of sexology, sex is accepted asContinue Reading

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How to create sexual tension over text? A normal adult man or woman, by the more intense sexual stimulation, will not be able to help but appear sexual desire, sexual excitement, accumulated to a certain extent, will be eager to make sexual contact, in order to obtain the release ofContinue Reading

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How long do rebound relationships last on average? There is no specific answer to this question, some will be short lived and some are not likely to be looking back. A rebound relationship, it refers to a new relationship that begins immediately after a significant romantic relationship ends and theContinue Reading

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How to write sexual tension? On this issue, I think people are more concerned about how to go about solving the problem of sexual tension. So on this issue, you can focus on writing about ways to relieve sexual tension. I’m Jocelyn. If you have emotional problems, you can askContinue Reading